Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Little cluttered mess of a house

Charlie the Cat napping in the sunlight on
Mom & Dad's bed in the old house
Today I will travel to the home I grew up in for the very last time.  My dad will sign the deed  and we will close the sale tomorrow.  I hated that house...less than 900 square feet.  Bob and Jo Ann lived in that house for over 58 years and raised 2 children.  It was small and cluttered...but...I will somehow miss it because it represents home to me.  

My dad hasn't lived there since I moved him to his new house in January.'s's where we had Christmas...birthdays...Sunday dinners...first days of's where Bob and Jo Ann started their life together and lived was hard but they were happy.  And it will be gone tomorrow.  Oh, there's a new, bigger house that my dad has moved into.'s not home.  Mom's not there.  Memories aren't there.  

But, it's time to move on.  Move on to the next phase...I'm going to have a hard time saying goodbye to that little clutter mess of a house.  It wasn't just a was our home.  God bless the people that are buying it.  I hope they are happy and prosper there.

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