Sunday, November 7, 2010


So, today was a rough day for my mother...her hallucinations are just flat out almost unbearable.  The paint on the walls of her room seem to change colors right before her eyes.  She sees writing on the walls...always mean things being written about stupid she is, how ugly she is and how she is so worthless that "they" are going to throw her out on the street at any time.  She is now convinced that my dad has come to live with me in Virginia.  This makes her incredibly sad and angry at both my dad and me.

One very interesting development...she has developed some comic a very serious tone, with a very worried look on her face, she whispered to us:

MOM:    Did you hear about the jitterbug?
DAD:     What?
MOM:   Did you hear about the jitterbug???!
DAD:     Honey, what are you talking about?
DAD:     (Realizing he needed to play along...)  No, I didn't hear about the jitterbug.  What did you hear about him?
MOM:   He forgot to jit.

She then proceeded to laugh a glorious deep belly laugh...bless her heart.

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Anonymous said...

You just show how much you love your Mom and I just wanted to say, Thank you for your posts. Reading how you & your Dad are doing really help me know more about what dementia can do to someone & what a loved one is feeling too. It is hard taking care of someone that needs this type of care, I know, so take time for yourself & make your Dad do the same because we forget that and just wornout in time.
Take care & I will be Praying for you & yours.