Friday, December 31, 2010

Forced renovation...Day 1

And so, the saga of the Great Flood of 2010 I shared with you yesterday, I've apparently had a leak from my dishwasher for years...all of the water has been leaking underneath the linoleum and rotting the floor...yesterday, work began to remove the old subfloor and mold and begin the process of drying out everything in the kitchen. I really need to say anything about the picture above...other than FREAKIN' NIGHTMARE?  Oh...and the one thing this photo can't share is the stench from the rotting, moldy, mildewy, musty...and every other adjective for SMELLY you can think of...stench...I swear the poor men that came to work on this mess had to walk out several times to get fresh air.

That photo was taken just as I had pulled everything out of the bottom cabinets but before I started putting everything into boxes...the dishwasher had been removed...and, yes, they found mold and, as the guy from the mitigation company described it "some sort of fungus"...great...

This photo was taken after the funky first two layers of floor were removed along with the completely rotten and moldy layer of plywood.  Thankfully they found that only 1/2 of the sub floor was damaged.  They left me with three huge fans, one dehumidifier and one "air scrubber" (not in this photo) that will remove mold spores from the air.  On tap for Friday is the removal of the bottom cabinets and the determination of whether or not there is enough damage to warrant the insurance company replacing the cabinets...fingers are crossed!

I realize that, in the grand scheme of things, this is's just a big deal for me right now.  Thanks for listening and letting me vent...

All the best,

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