Monday, October 4, 2010

Received a call from my dad last night that the nursing home my mother is in is currently having a bad outbreak of an upper respiratory infection.  My mom came down with it on Sunday and is pretty sick.  She is frightened by all of the staff coming in and out of the room with masks and gloves on.  Her paranoia is in overdrive and she is afraid.

How is it possible that we are at this place in my parent's lives...I want to shout...scream...MY MOM IS IN A NURSING HOME, GODDAMN IT!  Please let us wake up from this.  There are worse things in life.  But...her life has been so hard.  So has my dad's.  Why do her last days have to be so difficult.  It is so sad to think of her being afraid.  We cannot reason with prayer is that she will be given some peace...please, dear God, give my mother and dad both peace.

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