Saturday, October 23, 2010


No real news to report today...everything is starting to become routine...Dad going to see mom at 1:00 sharp every afternoon...he tries relentlessly to get her to open her eyes...standing there begging her to "wake up"...she is laying there hallucinating and, in an effort to not see the hallucinations, she lays there with her eyes closed.  She probably doesn't know what to it really Bob or another hallucination...some scary evil monster there to tell her frightening things?

Dad gives up after an hour and quietly leaves her room and drives back home where he watches the History Channel and waits until it's time to feed the cats...his best friends and constant companions.

I, too, now have a routine...on the way to work a quick call to check in with make sure everything is okay...hopefully, a call at 1:00 from Dad for me to talk with mom, if she is able...then a call to dad on the drive home from work to once again check in and make sure everything is okay.

I think the routine we are settling into somehow brings us know we're still here...still a family...even though we are quickly slipping away.

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