Monday, December 27, 2010

A conversation with Jo Ann

Yesterday my dad called me while visiting my mom...she was having a semi-lucid day without evidence of what seems to be her ever-present hallucinations.  Her voice sounded weak...that of an old woman...which is so hard for me to realize is what my mother is now.

We had a nice conversation and it almost felt like it was mom.  How was Christmas?  She understood why I couldn't be home due to the weather and actually preferred that I not put myself in harm's way.  How are my cats doing?  What about the one named Mazie Grace...could she see now?  (Mazie is blind.)  What about the two little ones I rescued back in the fall?  Had I found them homes yet?  Her memory was so amazing relative to how she has been in the past few weeks...out of all my cats she could remember one of their names and get so specific as to remember that she is blind...amazing.

It was so nice to have that conversation with really was a conversation this time...not some rambling jumble of conversational bits that made no least not until we got to the end of our phone call.  She had been fine and was clear as a bell...then she said "honey, you remember that man...the one that laughs so silly all the time?  He's in here all the time and knows your dad really well.  I don't think he has much sense.  Plus, he makes all of those weird faces...I think maybe there's something wrong with him.  He was talking to your dad and he really wants to get to know you better.  Now honey, you be careful...he says he wants to take you to dinner...he ain't quite right and I'm just not so sure about him, what with him laughin' and makin' them weird faces and all..."

I had no idea who she was talking dad took the phone from her and explained that there was no weird man (thank goodness...I certainly do not want to be having dinner with a weirdo..).  My mother was hallucinating...and when my dad said the 'hallucinating' word, I could hear my mother protesting in the background..."I KNOW I heard him say that, honey...I am NOT hallucinating...he's the one that makes all of them weird faces...and talks all the time..."

We have come to the realization that the hallucinations are with her constantly...she just covers them up at times. My prayer is that they do not frighten her.

Bless her heart.


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