Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My first ever gift from a boy...

Today I experienced one of those "Awww" moments that take you way back into your that I will remember forever.  I've been fairly active on Facebook for quite some time but it has only been recently that I've reconnected with quite a few friends from elementary and high school.  It has been such a surprisingly warm hearted experience to hear from these people that are forever 6-year olds in my mind but, in reality, of course they are now adults.  To see these 6-year olds fast forward into their 40's has been amazing and shocking to my little brain.

Probably the most endearing conversation happened today...I heard from the first little boy that ever did anything nice for me...just because he wanted to...when we were in the 1st grade, knowing that jump rope was the rage on the playground, he gave me my very own jump rope as a Christmas gift.  I will never forget how happy and yet embarrassed I was...I didn't really know what to say or do.  It was so sweet and kind...I will simply never forget it.

The one constant question I've received from every single one of these school friends has been, "How's your mom?"  My mom was a very active 'Homeroom Mother"...she somehow made it to every single school holiday party (even though she never learned to drive and we lived over 5 miles away from the school)...showing up with cupcakes and smiles.  She was the 4-H Leader and was a big part of my schoolmates lives from 1st to 6th grade.  They all remember her and loved her...and they all are so sad to hear of her decline.  So am I...I miss that Jo a kid, I was always so proud of her...and I still am.

Love you, mom.  I'll always remember you the way you were when I was in 1st grade...the best Homeroom Mother ever.

All the best,

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